July 1 to 10

7 participants max

Poland is an eastern European country on the Baltic Sea known for its medieval architecture and Jewish heritage.

Warsaw, the capital, is vibrant with museums, galleries, gorgeous architecture, great shopping and lively nightlife.  

The Warsaw Uprising Museum, honoring the city’s WWII-era resistance to German occupation is a must to visit to understand the this amazing period of the country's history.

Kraków, Poland' second largest city is known for its well-preserved medieval core and Jewish quarter and rich museums of arts.

This is where you will admire one of Leonardo da Vinci's most famous paintings: Lady with an Ermine.


The country has a fascinating and complex history, an amazing array of art works and architectural marvels.

It is the perfect time to visit, it is not yet completely submerged by tourists. 

Nota Bene: still working on the day to day schedule with guides and curators. You won't be without places to see and enjoy and also some time that will let you, if you so desire, explore both cities on your own. I hope that this delay will not prevent you to register. If you have questions, you can call me at 941-365-521400.

DAY 1 - July 1:

Fly from the US to Warsaw. (Airfare not included)

DAY 2 - July 2:

Arrive in Warsaw. You will be picked up at the airport and driven to the hotel. Depending at what time you arrive, Jean will have places for you to visit.

In the Evening, we get together for a drink before going out to dinner.

Overnight in Warsaw - Dinner with the group.

DAY 3 - July 3:

Visiting Warsaw, learning about the city's history, having pleasant walks admiring its architecture and visiting some fascinating museums.

Overnight in Warsaw

DAY 4 - July 4:

Continuing our visit of an old city with many gems to discover.

Overnight in Warsaw

DAY 5 - July 5:

Continuing our visit of an old city with many gems to discover.

Overnight in Warsaw - Dinner with the group.

DAY 6 - July 6:

We are driving to Krakow. It takes about 4 hours. But we will stop to visit sites and also for lunch.

We will arrive in Krakow in mid-afternoon.

After settling into hotel, we will have a walk around town and dinner.

Overnight in Krakow - Dinner with the group.

Krakow has one of the highest concentrations of drinking places  per square miles and per capita in the world. Amazingly, when considering that quantity may not be synonymous to quality, the Old Town collection of drinking holes offers many really excellent places to have a drink and relax while appreciating a very friendly atmosphere.  There are many different types of establishment from the "cellar bar" to the the tiny, even minuscule place where not more than six or seven people could stand to have a drink.  I have a list of the good places that I will share with you when in Krakow.

DAY 7 - July 7

Wawel Hill

Wawel was the site of prehistoric times' settlement because of its strategic advantages, perched on a natural limestone hill overlooking the Vistula river.

We will learn about the legend of a very bad dragon hiding in one of caves on Wawel Hill and how he was defeated by a smart shoe-maker.  

In 1000 CE a cathedral was built, becoming 300 years later the site for the first coronation of a Polish king.  It was then, that the current castle and cathedral were built.  Wawel Hill is a beautiful place that cannot be missed.

Overnight in Krakow

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