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Dear Jean,

Our recent trip with you to Provence was delightful, informative and so much fun -- we will always remember it. What a treat to have you all to ourselves. You did a wonderful job of customizing our journey to suit our needs and interests. Knowing that my husband and I were celebrating milestone birthdays, you outdid yourself creating a one-of-a-kind experience. We are so grateful for your time, love and attention. I would recommend your tours to anyone looking for a deeper experience on vacation, one that includes history, education and a fuller understanding of the culture, arts and architecture. It's been a couple of weeks and we are still wandering around in a Provence-induced haze of happiness. Thank you! 

Lisa Kahn, Naples, Florida

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On every tours, if you fly, or drive to the destination and back home, we will OFFSET your trip as well as our driving while on the tour, through the help of a legitimate company having the vision of a climate neutral world, where everyone takes full responsibility for their carbon footprint.

Except for Cuba (max 12 travelers), Greece, Columbus, Charleston (10 max travelers), 

the other tours take a maximum of 7 to 8 participants.


CHARLESTON's architecture, decor, history & food 

March 1 to 8, 2020 

A historically interesting city, with great classical architecture and decor.

One of the best American-Palladian house. A city known for its good restaurants.

COLUMBUS - INDIANA - March 9 to 15, 2020

Columbus reputation as one of the richest architectural city in the country is growing all the time.  This amazing display of good design came from the vision of  J. Irwin Miller, 2nd CEO and a nephew of a Co-Founder of Cummins Inc., the Columbus-headquartered diesel engine manufacturer. He instituted a program in which the Cummins company paid the architects' fee,  compiled a list of architects he thought could do honor to the city.  The plan was initiated with public schools and was so successful that Miller decided to defray the design costs of fire stations, public housing, and other community structures. 

SRQ-LAKELAND-TPA-ST. PETERSBURG - March 17 to 22, 2020 

Sarasota Modernist Architecture (Umbrella House, Cocoon House -

- Salvador Dali Museum - World's largest concentration of  F.L. WRIGHT'S buildings - 

- Santiago Calatrava stunning Florida Polytech University's building -

- Two fascinating St. Petersburg's neighborhoods: Ybor City and Hyde Park -

 -  John Ringling Mansion restored -

PORTUGALApril 9 to 22, 2020

Porto - Guimares, Braga - CoimbraBatalha, - Évora - Estremoz, Villa Viçosa, Monsaraz - SintraLisbon - A fantastically beautiful country, with great food, superb wines and historically fascinating sites.

DORDOGNE -BORDEAUXMay 7 to 17, 2020
Medieval castles - superb gardens - glorious landscapes - last original 18000 years cave paintings that can be visited - superb food - delicious wines   quaint villages - 18th Century Bordeaux, the wine capital of the World. 


May 24 to June 4, 2020 .

Visit the the Rietveld-Schroder house, some amazing examples of sustainable architecture and great art from Rembrandt to VanGogh.

PROVENCE June 5 to 15, 2020  - 7 people maximum

Provence evokes images of undulating hills swaying with fragrant lavender, rocky outcrops topped with ancient villages. The food and the Cotes dur Rhone wines should be an incentive to come and experience an extraordinary area.

MALTA and SOUTH EAST SICILY - June 19 to July 1, 2020  ~  

Malta: With a history 6,000 years long, every square inch of land, temples and monuments bear witness to these past civilizations. The long relationship between the Islanders and the various nationalities that occupied Malta over the centuries has created a marriage of styles and traditions, giving the Islands a fascinating eclectic culture. The islands of Malta, although small in size, are unique due to their intriguing and colorful past, definitely a must to visit.

Sicily, for centuries was invaded by different civilizations and offers an amazing array of fascinating sites to enjoy.like Agrigento, one of the most outstanding examples of Greater Greece art and architecture.

NORTHERN ITALIAN TOUR - September 3 to September 14, 2020

8 people maximum

Padua, Bassano del Grappa, Vicenza, Lake Garda, Lake Como, Milan and some of the Great Palladian Villas

GREECE: PELOPONNESE and ATHENS - October 14 to 29, 2020

Athens to Delphi via the Peloponnese, through historically fascinating sites. Discover great food, delicious wines and mystical places. Learn about olive oil, while collecting olives to create the best there is.

CUBA  November 5 to 12, 2020

"Cuba is an amazing country with beautiful architecture, a rich history, and of course vintage cars! Jean Renoux is the perfect person on the journey to unlock the many wonders of Cuba. We had a wonderful time on our recent adventure to Cuba. We can't wait to plan our next trip."

Cheryl and Dan Ryan in October of 2015 went my Morocco Tour. In January of 2016, they came on the Cuba tour; in September of 2016, went on the Portugal Tour and in September 2017 went on the Peru Tour.

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